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Ucertify offers free demo for 3V0-624 exam. "VMware Certified Advanced Professional 6.5 - Data Center Virtualization Design Exam", also known as 3V0-624 exam, is a VMware Certification. This set of posts, Passing the VMware 3V0-624 exam, will help you answer those questions. The 3V0-624 Questions & Answers covers all the knowledge points of the real exam. 100% real VMware 3V0-624 exams and revised by experts!

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New VMware 3V0-624 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 3 - Question 12)

Question No: 3

A company's CTO is very concerned about web server outages that are caused by server hardware failures. Which feature can protect the web server virtual machine from this kind of outage?

A. vCenter High Availability

B. Proactive High Availably

C. High Availability Orchestrated Restart

D. High Availability Admission Control

Answer: A

Question No: 4

A company is outsourcing its support operations to an external service provider and plans to complete the project by April 1.

u2022 The external Support engineers must have the ability to power cycle, create, and edit virtual machines settings within their assigned vSphere site.

u2022 The company maintains three vCenter servers in Enhanced Linked Mode that are run as virtual machines in the supported infrastructure.

u2022 The vCenter servers will be supposed by the external service provider.

u2022 Each vCenter server is connected to its own local Platform Services Controller and MSSQL database server.

u2022 The company will provide escalation support and physical access on a per request basis.

u2022 99.9% ESXi host uptime is required in this environment, but no SLA has been specified for the hosted applications.

Drag each statement to its appropriate concept.


Question No: 5

A customer is using blade servers with only one HBA.

Which two design concepts apply to this scenario? (Choose two.)

A. Assumption

B. Risk

C. Constraint

D. Requirement

Answer: B

Question No: 6

A solutions architect has made the following design decisions:

u2022 Leverage existing hardware that is certified on earlier versions of vSphere but is NOT on HCL for ESXi 6.5.

u2022 Upgrade vCenter Server to version 6.5.

u2022 Configure separate clusters based on ESXi versions 5.5, 6.0, and 6.5 for newly purchased, certified hardware.

u2022 The underlying CPU family is compatible.

u2022 There is enough resources available to vMotion virtual machines (VMs)

Given this scenario, what is the correct statement about the ability to vMotion virtual machines between versions of ESXi?

A. VMs created in vSphere 5.x must be upgraded first to newer virtual hardware and then be vMotioned to vSphere 6.x.

B. VMs created in vSphere 6.x environment with default settings can be moved to ESXi 5.x.

C. VMs can be vMotioned to the same or newer version of ESXi.

D. VMs that are created after the vCenter Server 6.5 upgrade can be vMotioned between any supported versions of ESXi.

Answer: C

Question No: 7

A customer is currently running a vCenter Server 5.5 environment with 48 identically-configured ESXi hosts.

u2022 These ESXi hosts are divided into six 8-host HA/DRS clusters.

u2022 The customer wants to upgrade to vSphete 6.5 and combine all of its ESXi hosts into a single 48-host HA/DRS cluster.

Place these actions in the correct order to accomplish this.


Question No: 8

A solution architect has been tasked with designing a new environment that meets the needs of a growing company, and has obtained this information:

u2022 The current capacity will be exhausted in 180 days, and the new infrastructure must be deployed and in production prior to that.

u2022 The new severs have a 90-day delivery time.

u2022 A data center for disaster recovery has been selected, and it is 20 miles way and connected by MPLS.

u2022 The security team will continue to utilize its current investments and VM Encryption for the new environment.

u2022 The backup team currently uses Data Domain, and reports show an 8.1 compression and deduplication ratio for backups.

Based on the information obtained, which two statements are assumptions for the new design? (Choose two.)

A. MPLS will be used to connect the two data centers.

B. There is 180 days left of current capacity.

C. Data Domain will get an 8:1 compression and deduplication ratio with the new workloads.

D. A disaster will NOT affect both data centers.

Answer: BD

Question No: 9

A customer is using a vSphere APIs for Storage Awareness (VASA) compatible storage array. The VASA provider is published as a virtual appliance.

To ensure recoverability, where must the VASA prowler and vCenter server virtual machines be stored?

A. The VASA provider and vCenter Server will be placed on the standard datastore (VMFS, NFS).

B. The VASA provider and vCenter Server will be placed on the vVol datastore.

C. The vCenter Server will be placed on the vVol datastore and the VASA provider will be placed on the standard datastore (VMFS, NFS).

D. The VASA provider will be placed on the vVol datastore and the vCenter Server will be placed on the standard datastore (VMFS, NFS)

Answer: A

Question No: 10

A company is designing a new vSphere cluster to support a mission-critical application.

u2022 The application requires 100% availability and cannot be restarted to recover from an ESXi host failure.

u2022 The application consists of a group of 16 virtual machines, each with 8 vCPU configured. Which solution satisfies the availability requirements?

A. Guest OS-based software clustering

B. vSphere High Availability

C. vSphere High Availability Application Monitoring

D. vSphere Fault Tolerance

E. vSphere Site Recovery Manager

Answer: A

Question No: 11

A company has requested assistance with a new cross-site failover design between two sites which will support business-critical applications. Latency between the sites is less than 5ms round-trip.

The company requires:

u2022 application must be restarted quickly in the event of a total site failure

u2022 allow for planned migration during maintenance

u2022 applications must be kept online even when migrated due to planned maintenance


Question No: 12

A customs has requested a vSphere 6.5 deployment design where ESXi hosts are provisioned with Auto Deploy. The customer requires that certificates can be automatically refreshed and renewed from the vSphere Web Client for ESXi hosts.

Which certificate policy should be configured for vCenter Server?

A. Thumbprint Mode

B. VMware Certificate Authority

C. Custom Certificate Authority

D. Subordinate Certificate Authority

Answer: A

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