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Q11. Refer to the exhibit. 

R3 is failing to join the multicast group that is sourcing from R1. Which two actions can you take to allow multicast traffic to flow correctly? (Choose two.) 

A. Remove the static multicast route on R1. 

B. Configure OSPF on R1 and R3 to include the tunnel interfaces. 

C. Add an additional static multicast route on R2 for multicast group toward R3. 

D. Replace the static multicast route on R1 to send traffic toward R2. 

E. Remove the static unicast route on R1. 

F. Add an additional static unicast route on R2 toward the loopback interface of R3. 

Answer: A,B 


Since the tunnel interfaces are not part of OSPF, the best path to the multicast source of R1 from R3 would be over the Gi0/0 path via OSPF. However, the static mroute is configured to use the tunnel, so this causes an RPF failure used in Sparse Mode. Best fix is to add the tunnel interfaces into OSPF and remove the static mroute so that that the RPF check no longer fails. 

Q12. Refer to the exhibit. 

How many EIGRP routes will appear in the routing table of R2? 

A. 0 

B. 1 

C. 2 

D. 3 



EIGRPv6 on R2 was shut down so there is no EIGRP routes on the routing table of R2. If we turn on EIGRPv6 on R2 (with “no shutdown” command) then we would see the prefix of the loopback interface of R1 in the routing table of R2. 

Note. EIGRPv6 requires the “ipv6 unicast-routing” global command to be turned on first or it will not work. 

Q13. Refer to the exhibit. 

Routers R1, R2, and R3 are configured as shown, and traffic from R2 fails to reach 

Which action can you take to correct the problem? 

A. Correct the static route on R1. 

B. Correct the default route on R2. 

C. Edit the EIGRP configuration of R3 to enable auto-summary. 

D. Correct the network statement for on R3. 



On R1 we see there is a wrongly configured static route: ip route It should be ip route 

Q14. Refer to the exhibit. 

Why is network not installed in the routing table? 

A. There is no ARP entry for 

B. The router cannot ping 

C. The neighbor just timed out and BGP will flush this prefix the next time that the BGP scanner runs. 

D. There is no route for in the routing table. 



Here we see that the next hop IP address to reach the network advertised by the BGP peer is However, the IP is not in the routing table of R3 so it adds the route to the BGP table but marks it as inaccessible, as shown. 

Q15. Refer to the exhibit. 

If OSPF is implemented on the network, which additional configuration is needed to allow traffic from host to host 

A. A virtual link between router 2 and router 4 

B. A virtual link between router 3 and router 4 

C. A virtual link between router 2 and router 3 

D. The current design allows traffic between the two hosts. 



This specific traffic from to would work because this traffic crosses only over the single OSPF area of 

However, traffic from hosts on R4 to R1 would indeed need a virtual link, since area is not connected to the backbone area of 

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Q16. Which two application protocols require application layer gateway support when using NAT on a Cisco router? (Choose two.) 





E. POP3 

Answer: A,C 

Q17. Which statement about VRRP is true? 

A. It supports load balancing. 

B. It can be configured with HSRP on a switch or switch stack. 

C. It supports IPv4 and IPv6. 

D. It supports encrypted authentication. 



VRRP Limitations 

. You can configure both HSRP and VRRP on a switch or switch stack. However, you cannot add a switch model that supports only one protocol to a stack that is configured for both protocols. 

. The VRRP implementation on the switch does not support the MIB specified in RFC 2787. 

. The VRRP implementation on the switch supports only text -based authentication. 

. The switch supports VRRP only for IPv4. 

Reference: http://www.cisco.com/c/en/us/td/docs/switches/lan/catalyst3750x_3560x/software/release/1 2-2_58_se/configuration/guide/3750xscg/swhsrp.html#pgfId-1107127 


Drag and drop the argument of the mls ip cef load-sharing command on the left to the function it performs on the right. 


Q19. Which statement about OSPF loop prevention is true? 

A. The discard route is generated automatically on the ABR to prevent routing loops. 

B. The ASBR uses type 3 LSAs from non-backbone areas to prevent control-plane routing loops. 

C. The ABR can filter type 3 LSPs to prevent routing loops. 

D. The DN bit ignores LSA types 2, 3, and 5 to prevent routing loops. 


Q20. Which two statements about redistribution are true? (Choose two.) 

A. EIGRP requires the route to have a default metric defined. 

B. EIGRP and OSPF use their router IDs to prevent loops. 

C. When OSPF is redistributed into IS-IS, the default metric must be configured under the IS-IS process. 

D. When traffic is redistributed into OSPF, the subnets command is needed to redistribute classful subnets. 

E. The default seed metric for OSPF redistributed routes is 30. 

Answer: A,B 

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