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Why do you charge for my records?
Due to the increasing costs in the healthcare industry, we have found it necessary to charge $2 per page to copy a patient chart and forward the records to the patient. We will forward your records directly to another practitioner as a courtesy at no charge.

How do we know how much to collect for surgeries?
Our practice verifies your benefits once a quarter to insure that we have the most up to date information. We pre-collect for all major services by utilizing the insurance information that we obtain when your appointment is scheduled. We collect any deductibles, copays and coinsurance ahead of time to streamline the collections process and prevent our patients from accruing bad debt.

What happens if I forget to bring my insurance card to my appointment?
Although it is a good practice to present your insurance card at each appointment, we obtain your insurance information at the time of the appointment to avoid these types of issues. As long as our practice was able to contact your insurance company ahead of time, you do not have to worry about presenting your card. If we have any issues contacting your insurance company we will make every effort to contact you.

If I am receiving an ultrasound do I have to drink 40 ounces of water?
No. We do not require any additional fluid intake for an ultrasound.

What do I need to bring to my appointment?
It is a good idea to have your current insurance card, your copay, deductible or coinsurance as per your insurance responsibility, and a copy of your records if you are a transferring patient.

Do you charge for No-Show or Missed appointments?
We do charge a $25 fee if you miss your appointment. However, we only allow two no show appointments for new patients and 2 no show appointments per calendar year for established patients. Unfortunately our practice will not be able to schedule any other appointments if this occurs.

What do I do if I can’t contact my physician?
If there is ever a telephone power outage and our telephone systems are not functioning, you can always call the hospital as they have each practitioner’s cell phone. The hospital is always able to find the on call doctor.

Can I still have my pap smear if I am on my period?
If you are not bleeding heavily then you will be able to keep your appointment. The pap smear technology that our reference labs use “washes” debris from the specimen allowing a pathologist to process the specimen even if you are bleeding. If you are unsure, feel free to keep your appointment and your physician will determine if it will be an issue.

If I have a vaginal infection should I use over-the-counter creams to treat what I believe is the problem?
If you are susceptible to yeast and other vaginal infections you may find that over-the-counter creams will treat the symptoms that you are having. If you find that you are still experiencing discharge or are still concerned, please keep in mind that we will not be able to accurately view the vagina until the creams are no longer present in the vagina. Call our office and speak with a nurse if you are unsure or have any further questions.



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For gynecological emergencies: call our main number
(704-341-1103) and you will be automatically rerouted to our answering service and the on-call physician is notified.






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