Arboretum Obstetrics & Gynecology, PA is committed to providing our patients with quality medical care. In return, we respectfully request that you honor our credit policy.

If you are insured by a Managed Care Plan that specifies a co-pay when you see our physicians, our receptionist will collect your co-pay prior to your visit. We cannot bill patients for co-pays as it violates our contract with your health plan. Furthermore, if you have a commercial insurance with a deductible or coinsurance, we will also collect your responsibility prior to your visit.

Arboretum Obstetrics & Gynecology, PA verifies all patient benefits prior to their initial appointment, subsequent appointments and quarterly thereafter for all maternity patients. Every effort is made to secure the correct quote of insurance benefits however this is not a guarantee of benefits. In order to confirm how your insurance will pay for any services please contact your insurance at the customer service telephone number listed on your insurance card.

As a courtesy, our office will file your insurance claim within 2 business days of your service date. You will not receive a statement from Arboretum Ob/Gyn until your insurance has either paid their portion of the charges or denied payment of the claim.

Upon receiving your first statement, the balance is due immediately. Failure to pay your balance within 30 days after receipt of your statement will result in your balance being turned over to our collections agency. Once you are transferred to our collections agency we will not be able to provide any additional medical care.

Additionally, all insured patients must provide their social security number as part of the demographic information that is obtained by the practice. If you prefer not to provide your social security number our practice will not be able to provide medical services to you.

If you are a self pay patient, please keep in mind that we will do our best to advise you of any additional charges. Please advise a member of our billing staff to advise you of an approximate lab charge if you are concerned about the cost. Also, if you are interested in receiving a lab discount, please ask a staff member about our self pay discount. Any lab tests and blood work will be sent to Labcorp and all pap smears and biopsies will be sent to Aurora Diagnostics. You will be billed by Labcorp or Aurora at a later date once your insurance has been billed. Please remember that you are fully responsible for any lab work performed by an outside lab as well as for all of our in office charges. If you have any concerns about being receiving lab bills, please advise your nurse or physician.

We thank you for observing our credit policy and look forward to building a positive patient/physician relationship.



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